KaLee Renee Kilgrow - Photographic Storyteller based out of SLC, UT

I'd love to tell you all about myself, but that's a long conversation that we should have over coffee..  For now, I'll just touch on the main bits. 
Among many things, I'm a follower of Christ, a wife, a mother, and a photographic storyteller.  Some of my many favorite things consist of: Light and shadows, black coffee, Gilmore Girls, Honey Mama's Chocolate, rainy days, original hard wood floors, smothered burritos, indie covers of secular music, chips and salsa, spending time with my family, and cats (in no particular order).  My most favorite things include: The Lord, my family, your family and memories.  In that order.  

I grew up in a great family.  I have quite a few siblings, but two brothers around my age that I shared a room with.  My two brothers have taught me so much about life, and looking back- I don't have nearly enough documented memories with them.  Some of my favorite times with them were climbing up our built-in shelves, for no other reason than to touch the ceiling and climb back down and dressing our childhood cat up in doll clothes.  These memories hold a special place in my heart, but that is the only place they sit.  I have no documentation of those built-in book shelves, no photographic memories of my childhood.  This is a heartbreaking thought, and I consider it my job to make sure no body else goes with their life undocumented.

I feel very strongly about images and memories.  I strive to make portraits that look like I was right in the moment with the subjects, rather than a traditional portrait of a perfectly matching family sitting in a park looking directly into my lens, smiling as big as they can.  If that is what you are looking for, I don't think we will be a good fit because I want you to love your images, and I simply can not create that for you.  If you are looking for someone to document your life in an emotional, real, and raw way- we will be a perfect fit.  My favorite photos are of the in between moments, when you are looking at your children, with an almost painfully violent love, with realize they have transitioned from a toddler to a child.  The moments where you kiss a boo-boo, you wipe hair our of their face, you help them walk across a fallen tree in the forest.  These are the unscripted, real, emotional, raw, beautiful moment I want to document for you.  Please send me an email and tell me about those moments you want me to document for you. I would be happy to talk about your life, your childhood, your children's childhood, your family, and so much more. 

Why should you trust me?  Because I care about you!  I value emotional storytelling portraits and love thinking about, 30 years from now, your children and  grandchildren going through bins of photos of your life the way it is now.  I value printed photos, and albums.  We can talk more about that later.